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About Us

Arcus was founded in the year 2004 with the sole vision of providing comprehensive and yet top notch software and hardware training for professionals and amateurs alike. We do so by adopting time tested and proven training methodologies and giving it the Arcus tweak just where it's needed .

Our mission was as clear as the blue sky. Our training was result oriented. We were clear about one thing. We were hell bent at all times that we would call a spade a spade. We stayed committed to delivering exactly what we promised, with the frills of course.
Our team of trainers are the creme de la creme of the lot.Their unrivalled passion towards teaching remains the main driving force behind Arcus's success and sustained growth in an ever evolving market.

We remind our students ' Give your best during training and leave the 'landing a job' part to us. We knew the right doors and our timing was impeccable. At times, our gentle knocks on the door would turn to raps as we deemed fit .

Marthin Luther King Jr once said ' The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice'. We at Arcus however are not used to waiting and watching . We believed in bending the arc in order for our trainees to achieve justly success.

Our senior team members ( Mr Gopalakrishan , Ms Iswarya, Mr Deepak and Ms Sandhya) and founder Mr Sreenivasan had started their careers at Arcus and are still combining forces to bend the arc towards glory . Today, the Arcus family stands tall with 50+ members who are serving at 3 branches spread across the prime Metropolitan cities in Southern India , namely Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

We never allow our human resources to be stretched thin. We have a growing base of visiting technical consultants and training consultants who share our vision. Our HR team has placement as their mantra and are dedicated towards getting their trainees placed with a fervour beyond plain imagination.

To their credit, the HR team of Arcus has placed more than 12000 trainees till date and counting. Just have a peep at any reputable software MNC's employee list. An Arcusian is hard to miss because as cliche as it may sound, 'he/she shines as bright as a diamond.

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