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What is .NET

Power packed programming language and gives you a step by step roadmap to jumpstart your career. you will learn how to use the .NET framework and hands on experience on real time projects . you will get full support towards your Career in Dot Net. arcus dot net training course is power packed and job ready.

The .NET Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. It includes a large library and provides language interoperability across several programming languages. .NET software development remains one of the best careers in 2015 & 2016, According to polling and surveys. Lots of openings are there in market for Dot net Freshers & Experienced Professionals.

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2hrs per day

Our Recent Placements

Our success rate increased in dot net placement in recent years. the number of openings suddenly increases in the market. candidate who successfully completed dot net training at arcus will get job in maximum 2 interviews. arcus candidates are working with indian and multinational companies , abroad in high end dot net projects.

Job Opportunities in .NET

J.Net are used by large and medium-sized companies
Fortune 500 companies are using . Leading banks , insurance companies and global retail companies are recruiting .Net professionals. Indian software companies and MNCs are recruiting .Net professionals.

  •    C# .Net
  •    ASP .Net
  •    ADO .Net

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Getting Started with C#

  • Getting Started - A C# Console Application
  • Saving your work
  • Your first line of C# code
  • How to Run your C# Programmes
  • Your First C# Windows Form
  • Adding Controls to a Form
  • Properties of a Control
  • Adding Code to a Button

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  • Mixing Subtraction and Addition
  • Operator Precedence
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Getting Numbers from Text Boxes
  • A C# .NET Calculator - Design
  • C# .NET Calculator - The Code
  • The Plus Button
  • The Equals Button

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Conditional Logic

  • IF Statements
  • Else ... If
  • Switch Statements
  • C# Operators

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  • C# and For Loops
  • Loop Start and End Values
  • A Times Table Programme
  • Do loops and While Loops
  • Checking for Blank TextBoxes in C#

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Add Menus to your Forms

  • The View Menu
  • Adding Images in C# .NET
  • Open File Dialogue Box in C#
  • Open a Text File
  • The Save As Dialogue Box
  • CheckBoxes and Radio Buttons

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Debugging your Applications

  • Errors at Design Time
  • Run Time Errors
  • Logic Errors
  • Breakpoints
  • The Locals Window
  • Try ..Catch Statements in C# .NET

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  • Understanding C# .NET Methods
  • Passing values to your C# Methods
  • Getting values back from C# Methods

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Classes and Objects

  • Create Objects from your C# Classes
  • Passing values to your Classes
  • Adding Properties to your C# Classes
  • Using Class Properties
  • Class Constructors in C# .NET
  • Inheritance in C# .NET
  • C# Method Overloading
  • C# Static Methods

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Manipulating Files

  • How to open a Text File
  • Read a file line by line in C# .NET
  • Write to a Text File
  • How to Copy, Move and Delete a File

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  • SQL Server Express and C# .NET
  • Create a SQL Server Express Database
  • Create a SQL Server Database Table
  • Add Data to the Table
  • Datasets and Data Adapters in C# .NET
  • Database Navigation Buttons
  • Add, Update, Delete a Record
  • Finding Records in a DataSet

Demo Image

Multiple Forms

  • Creating Multiple Forms
  • Modal Forms in C# .NET
  • Getting at the values on other Forms

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Dates and Times

  • Dates and Times in C# .NET

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Building Web Applications with ASP.Net(Part-1)

  • Introduction to ASP.Net3.5
  • ASP.NET overview and in detail ASP.Net Page Life Cycle
  • ASP.NET Page Directives
  • HTTP Context, server objects
  • About Scripting
  • Manipulating Pages and Server Controls with JavaScript
  • Data verification and validation
  • Using Images and sounds for error notification
  • Working with ASP.Net Controls
  • Dealing with Postbacks

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Building Web Applications with ASP.Net(Part-2)

  • Cross page Posting
  • Dealing with ASP.Net Application folders
  • ASP.NET CSS, Themes, and Master Pages
  • ASP.NET State Management Techniques
  • Data Accessing through ASP.Net Controls
  • ADO.Net Connected & Disconnected Programming
  • Querying with LINQ(to Object/ to SQL/ to XML)
  • ASP.Net Web Services
  • Working with Web.Config File and virtual link
  • Managing Users with ASP. Net’s Authentication
  • Mailing
  • Navigational Controls
  • Web Parts Techniques
  • Custom Webpage
  • Membership and Role Management
  • Dealing with Web Parts

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Building Web Applications with ASP.Net(Part-3)

  • Culture(Localization & Globalization)
  • ASP.Net Ajax tool kit(Downloading and Installing)
  • ASP.Net AJAX Controls and JSON
  • Web Services
  • WCF with MIX and with proxy system
  • Building a Customized Web Server dealing with IIS6.0 and IIS7.0
  • File I/O and Streams
  • File Uploading and Downloading
  • Object Serialization & De-Serialization
    (Deals with Boxing and Un-Boxing as Complex type)
  • Using Business Objects(deals with MVC Pattern)
  • Crystal Report deals with different file format
  • Configuring ASP.Net in IIs on XP,Vista and Windows-7
  • ASP.NET Concepts deals with Project
  • Packaging and Deploying ASP.Net Applications

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Deals with XML

  • XML Overview
  • XML Syntax
  • Writing DTD’s
  • Transforming XML using XSLT
  • Presenting XML for the Web-CSS
  • XML in Applications
  • XPath and XLink

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  • ADO.Net Connected & Disconnected Programming
  • WCF with MIX and with proxy system
  • Building a Customized Web Server dealing with IIS6.0 and IIS7.0
  • File I/O and Streams
  • File Uploading and Downloading
  • Object Serialization & De-Serialization(Deals with Boxing and Un-Boxing as Complex type)
  • Using Business Objects(deals with MVC Pattern)
  • Crystal Report deals with different file format

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